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Class of 2015

Sara Brade
Queen’s Accelerated Route to Medical School (QuARMS), Queen’s University

Years at Del: Grade 7-12
Teams: Competitive dancer outside of Del
Extra-curriculars: Student Executive Head Girl, Eco Team, Megan’s Walk School Ambassador, Science Club, Robotics Club

Enter to Learn: Growing up at Del was an extraordinary gift as I got to learn from passionate teachers who cared about the lessons they taught and the students they taught these lessons to. At Del, I received a uniquely, "whole" education with a moral and spiritual foundation that will stay with me long after facts from textbooks leave my mind. At university, I hope to stay true to myself and the education I received at Del.

Leave to Serve: The staff at Del teach by example by embodying an attitude of service to the school, to their students, and to the community that I hope to reflect as I move onto the next chapter of my life. Service is a necessary fruit of education. When one is properly educated, one must use that education to educate and do good by others. As I near adulthood, I will strive to imitate all of the teachers at Del who are models of compassion, self-sacrifice, and humility.

For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses or forfeits himself? -Luke 9:25

Nathan Yiu
Law and Society, York University

Years at Del: 7-12
Teams: Ultimate Frisbee
Extra-curriculars: De La Salle Cadet Corps, Scouts

Enter to Learn: We entered De La Salle’s halls to learn not only academically but also socially, morally and most importantly the ideals of what it means to be a person, which of course is different to all. The “enter to learn” is a part in life that is constant and is never ending regardless of who you are. De La Salle was a single island in an ocean of opportunities that helps to build my future.

Leave to Serve: Leave to serve, to me, means that after we leave an institution or an “island” we must do what we can to give back, but also to use what has been experienced and learned to serve not only our selves but more importantly others. Service especially should be rendered to all if need be and it is our duty once we leave De La Salle to serve in our best capacity as students, future lawyers, accountants, teachers, social workers and city workers. I intend to continue to serve the school and the community as best I can with the knowledge that has been given to me.

Emilia von dem Hagen

Queen’s University, Economics

Years at Del: 9-12
Teams: Track & Field
Extra-Curriculars: Student Executive, Debate Society, Eco Team, French Club

Enter to Learn: This motto reminds me of an important concept I learned at Del: the beauty of being a lifelong learner. Del taught me, above all, to learn solely for the sake of learning, and not to be hung up on what is practical or required of me. That is a lesson I will not only take with me to university, as I continue to explore different disciplines and expand my curiosity, but as I continue to travel and meet the many peoples and faces of the world as well.

Leave to Serve: This is an important reminder that everything we do in life should be formed and founded by our duty to help and support others. This part of the motto will undoubtedly shape any path I pursue in the future, and I believe the morals it upholds – humility and kindness – to be more important than anything else we may accomplish. I think the most important lesson I’ve learned at Del is not just to strive for success in our careers, but rather to live a life that mirrors our core values – compassion and empathy towards others. Without these ideals, any success we may have is fruitless.

Tori Gaasenbeek
Concurrent Education –Science, Queen’s University

Years at Del: Original 5
Teams: Track & Field, Basketball, Alpine Skiing
Extra-curricular: Student Executive, Duke of Edinburgh, Megan’s Walk, Terry Fox, Athletic Council

Enter to Learn: The strong academics at Del have challenged me and provided me with the tools that I need moving forward into my next chapter. The many amazing teachers at Del have given me a new found curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Besides learning academics, I have learned the importance of perseverance, and more importantly, I have learned about myself, growing into the person that I am today.

Leave to Serve: Part of attending Del involves joining a special family or community and helping those around us is something that Del encourages from a young age. I think that this is one of the most remarkable things about the school because anyone can teach academics, but it is the lessons of compassion and leaving the world a little better than you found it that will stick with us forever. As I leave Del and enter the world around me, I know that I will continue my community service, striving to touch the lives of others and to make as much of a difference as I can.

Abbi Lendvai
Munk School of Global Affairs –University of Toronto, Peace, Conflict and Justice Program

Years at Del: Grade 10-12
Teams: Field Hockey
Extra-curriculars: Choir, Student Executive, Mission work in Kenya & New Orleans, CEO of Muskoka Woods Leadership Program

Enter to Learn: I’ve always been a voracious reader and a dedicated student who loves a challenge, so as a student, the Del learning environment helped to further cultivate my love of knowledge. I was mentored and supported by so many fantastic teachers and students who gave me the confidence to tackle difficult situations with grace. As a University student, I will continue to push myself to learn new things and to constantly engage with my Professors to get the most out of my education.

Leave to Serve: Del is a school with a true sense of community built upon a duty to serve. As a member of the Student Executive, I was able to see firsthand how our efforts were able to truly affect the lives of others and these experiences encourage me to continue to serve. I firmly believe that as citizens of our world community it is our duty to give back and to serve others. This drive to support and encourage others will continue to shape my educational and career paths.

Stephanie Terenzi
Health Sciences, University of Western Ontario


Years at Del: Grade 9-12
Teams: Field Hockey, Track & Field
Extra-curriculars: Salesian Leadership Retreat, Habitat for Humanity, Cooking Club, Piano and Singing Lessons outside of Del

Enter to Learn: Many people who have attended Del before me have told me what a great school it is with stellar academics. To me, education is extremely important, and this is what drew me to Del from the beginning. This part of the motto is exactly what I wanted to do. More than anything, I wanted to learn new information and gain insights that I wouldn't get at any other institution. I am fortunate to say that I think this has been accomplished. In the next chapter of my life, I plan to use the knowledge Del has given me and expand on it, not only in university, but also in other future endeavours.

Leave to Serve: As Lasallians, it is our duty to give back to our community and to help out those in need. In my experience, Del has demonstrated what this means through activities and fund raisers aimed at raising money for charities such as Terry Fox Day, Skate With Daniel and Meghan's Walk. In particular, this part of the school's Motto is very important to me because it is a constant reminder to take the experiences and knowledge that I've gained at Del, and use it to make a difference in this world. In the future, I hope to serve my community by providing health care services to patients in the best possible way I can.