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  • Will have an intellectual, spiritual and social foundation based on the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Will have a level of literacy in writing and speech that reflects both deep and original thought.
  • Will foster a lifestyle of compassion, humility and justice that contributes to the virtue of the world as well as to its power.
  • Will think critically, competently and ethically and apply what has been learned here to real life.
  • Will demonstrate self-discipline in demeanor and organisation in all responsibilities and personal accountability for learning.
  • Will approach their studies with a strong sense of academic integrity.
  • Will be aware of Canada’s unique position in an interdependent world.
  • Will present themselves with a confidence that never becomes arrogance, with security that never becomes haughtiness, and with compassion that never becomes condescension.

Meet Our 2018 Graduates

Reilly Kennedy
Years at Del: 7-12
Bachelor of Arts (Honours), 
Queens University

Enter to Learn: Moving to Canada a mere few weeks before I started at Del, my school was only one component of my life that was changing in a seemingly drastic fashion. My transition to becoming the proper Del student I am today was awkward and uncomfortable to say the least, but was perhaps exactly what I needed to learn and grow in to who I am today. Del offers so much more than a simple education, instead focusing on cultivating students’ character and virtues as well. This school creates well-rounded and remarkable individuals and, through the hardships, gifts us with lessons, friends and memories to last a lifetime.

Hannah Beltran
Years at Del: 9-12
Public Affairs & Policy Management,
Arthur Kroeger College of Public Affairs, Carelton University

Most Memorable Moment: Towards the end of Grade 11, I ran for Student Council President against three of my close friends. All four of us were dedicated and diligent, but we knew that at the end of the day, only one of us would be President. After we read our speeches in front of the entire student body, we walked up to the stage. Holding hands in an unbroken chain, we raised our arms, then subsequently bowed together. This reflected our mutual respect towards one another as equally deserving candidates. Moreover, it affirmed our acceptance of the decision the student body would make, regardless of the results, without a sense of animosity. 

Carmina Isidoro
Years at Del: 9-12

Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours), McMaster University

Important Lessons: The most important lesson I’ve learned at Del is that the number on our report cards, while important, do not define who we are. Sometimes, too much value is placed on what grades we receive and not enough value is placed on why we are graded. The digits we see on the top of our test-paper are meant to push us to continue learning and to continue discovering what we have yet to discover. With this, I’m glad I’ll be going into university with the mindset to work hard, not just for my grades, but for myself and what I’d like to learn!

Lucus Dato
Years at Del: 7-12
Business Administration,
Schulich School of Business, York University

Leave to Serve: The second half of De La Salle’s motto, “Leave to Serve” is nothing less than the truth. De La Salle gives every student the opportunity to contribute and support communities that are less fortunate than our own. The service we are encouraged to do at Del allows room for growth and an increased awareness of the human experience. Service such as St. Francis Table and Out of the Cold gave me the experiences that were necessary to continue giving back to my community outside of Del. Furthermore, serving will full-heartedly be part of my life, long after my time at Del ceases to be. The “Leave to Serve” motto is testament of how Del gives every student a full-circle understanding of what it means to be both a good student and citizen.

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