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De La Salle Grads...


  • Will have an intellectual, spiritual and social foundation based on the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Will have a level of literacy in writing and speech that reflects both deep and original thought.
  • Will foster a lifestyle of compassion, humility and justice that contributes to the virtue of the world as well as to its power.
  • Will think critically, competently and ethically and apply what has been learned here to real life.
  • Will demonstrate self-discipline in demeanor and organisation in all responsibilities and personal accountability for learning.
  • Will approach their studies with a strong sense of academic integrity.
  • Will be aware of Canada’s unique position in an interdependent world.
  • Will present themselves with a confidence that never becomes arrogance, with security that never becomes haughtiness, and with compassion that never becomes condescension.


Meet Our 2019 Graduates

Solyana Gedlu
Years at Del: 9-12
Health Science, Queen’s University
Scholarships: Queen’s Principle Scholarship ($6000)

Enter to Learn: It is no exaggeration that Del is an academically rigorous school. Still, I was shocked when I transitioned from my elementary school to Del. This shocking transition was quite difficult initially; however, I was lucky enough to have helpful teachers who eased this transition by providing tutorials after school and extra help in the mornings. Seeing teachers come before or stay after school hours to help students out was a new sight for me. It was through moments like these that I realized that the first half of Del’s motto, “Enter to Learn,” was not exclusive to academics. It included learning to be punctual, determined, considerate, compassionate, and to have perseverance. These characteristics which I have learned through the demonstration of my teachers as well as through challenging times have led me to live a fulfilled life as a Christian student. 

Alex Mastromarini
Years at Del: Grade 5 Survivor
Business Management & Organization Studies (advanced entry into IVEY), University of Western Ontario 
Scholarships:  Continuing admission scholarship ($10,000)

Leave to Serve: In addition to its academic programs and athletic teams, Del takes pride in encouraging its students to be spiritual. I decided to use service clubs, such as the Lasallian Youth Team, as an outlet to “serve” where I was able to take interest in the less fortunate communities of Toronto, especially those who were considered youth. After countless hours of organizing fundraisers or directly serving at shelters and food banks, I now feel an ever-growing obligation to benefit those around me. Service has greatly shaped my experience at Del, helping me to realize that it is my obligation to give back to a community that has given me so much. As I enter a university setting, I hope to not only continue to serve through organizations I'm already familiar with, but also create my own service outlets to directly solve the problems for which I am most passionate.

Aliki Karanikas
Years at Del: 7-12
Health Sciences, Queen’s University
Scholarships: Queen’s Principle Scholarship ($6000)

Most Memorable Moment: My most memorable moment at Del was this past year’s Student Council event entitled: “Christmas Cards and Cheer.” The night before our final day leading up to the Christmas Break, the Council members and Teacher Moderators stayed at Del until 11:00 p.m. to put up handwritten Christmas cards and candy canes on every single student’s locker. The next morning upon our arrival at school, we received positive feedback from thrilled students about the kind messages. It was a wonderful way to send our peers off for the break, and lined the hallways with a bit more holiday cheer. Although this exercise was tiring, and at times frustrating, we were gratified by how well it was received, and happy to have shared a little Christmas joy on that last day.

Zain Shah
Years at Del: 10-12
Political Science, University of British Columbia

Enter to Learn: It was only three years ago that I moved to Canada and it was also only three years ago that I became a part of this family that is Del. Despite belonging to a different faith and a widely different culture, Del treated me as its own. The passion and effort teachers put into us was heartwarming, and the amount of care each member of this community had for each other was exceptional. Del truly felt like a family. One enters Del to learn not only the wide array of courses it provides, but to learn the lessons and values needed to become a better and stronger person.