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Experiential Learning



Experiential learning provides opportunities for students to connect course content directly to destinations, activities, guided tours, and field studies. Students gain experience in social/emotional development as they live, travel and study with peers, giving them a greater sense of independence and freedom and the ability to grow as global citizens.

It is the college's belief that through experiences away from campus, we can enhance our student's learning. Whether it's through grade specific camping trips or opportunities to visit other countries, part of our Lasallian mission is to enrich our student's understanding of the world around them.

De La Salle students and parents can rest assured that all course work and content is facilitated by De La Salle college and meets the rigorous standards expected of the regular day and summer school program at De La Salle College.

International Travel

In partnership with EduTravel, De La Salle College offers 3 experiential learning opportunities for students in grades 9-12. Earning additional credits also helps to create flexibility in a students’ timetable and schedule. With many years of experience in the student education travel industry, EduTravel supports De La Salle with the travel components of the program, ensuring a seem less travel experience for the De La Salle community.

These courses are designed for students who are enrolled at De La Salle College “Oaklands” and are not available for students studying at other schools. All students who register for the experiential learning program will be reviewed by the De La Salle administration for final approval to enroll in the course.



Outdoor Education

Each fall, our grade 7 and 9 students head to the Muskoka for a few days of great experiences in nature. These mandatory trips provides students with an immersive experience that will help them forge bonds that will last a lifetime and develop a strong sense of belonging within the De La Salle community.

Students will also develop their leadership skills and participate in various activities with a focus on team building that will challenge them beyond their comfort zones. 


A retreat is a great opportunity to take a much-needed break from the busyness of life to reflect, pray, deepen your relationship with Christ, and to take an honest look at where you’re at in life. Retreats offer moments of healing and immense growth as we dive deeper into understanding the desires of our hearts.

As per past years, each grade will be scheduled to attend a retreat during the school year. This year, we are introducing a new retreat program theme called, The Hero’s Journey. This concept is a common story structure (twelve stages) that screenwriters use to share the story of the hero – a character who is called out of their ordinary world to go on an adventure, complete a mission, and return home transformed. This formula is very similar to God’s calling and purpose for each of us in our own lives. We are all called to live a “Hero’s Journey.”