An education at De La Salle College “Oaklands” seeks to immerse students in a well-balanced and challenging university preparatory program of excellence. All subject area courses are uniquely designed to foster in each student an active pursuit of high academic standards and rigorous intellectual development. The College recognizes today that a useful academic program must address the needs of the young in an interdependent, technologically-based world while continuing to impress on the young the development of Christian virtues to help them become persons of substance, integrity and faith. At each level of instruction, Del teachers – dedicated and formed in Lasallian pedagogy – instill in their students a love of learning and a sense of social responsibility that encourages students to place their talents at the service of others well beyond their formative years in rewarding careers and contributing members of society.

At the Junior School level, all programming is enriched and the school’s Reach-Ahead Program allows students to study curriculum one year ahead of their grade level in English and mathematics. This program allows students to broaden the variety of courses they may study as part of their over-all secondary school program leading to university.

As part of the Senior School’s commitment to the liberal-arts tradition, the school offers a wide-range of Advanced Placement, College Board Approved Courses. AP courses offer a unique learning experience that is designed to assist students prepare for post-secondary success.

The academic performance and needs of all students are monitored closely by the administration and the student services department of the College. Guidance and direction regarding university options and other career and vocational choices are part of the school’s ongoing commitment to academic excellence and success.

De La Salle College “Oaklands” has always enjoyed an excellent reputation for its commitment to academic excellence. When the school opened at its current site, the words of blessings reminded students, parents and faculty that the College serves as a sanctuary for the heart no less than a gymnasium for the mind. Its curriculum, then, as now, includes the moral and mental training of today’s youth according to the needs of our time while cherishing the wisdom of the ancients. The College continues to ensure its commitment to academic excellence in the spirit of the educational traditions of St. John Baptist de La Salle.

Kim Sibley
Junior School Principal
416-969-8771, ext. 231

Danny Viotto
Senior School Principal
416-969-8771, ext. 238


"Having three children at De La Salle, we know they receive tremendous support from teachers and administration who are constantly available before and after school to help our children excel. Their advice regarding courses and post-secondary education is amazing and their help has been commendable. No other school could ever come close to the academic level and we are confident of our children's readiness for university. De La Salle creates a culture of working hard, and an atmosphere of striving for excellence. Its reputation was the reason we enrolled our children here and eight years later, we realize our experience surpassed all our expectations." -Joanne Kohek & Edward Hayes, Parents


"Having taught senior mathematics courses over the past 17 years I believe that De La Salle provides opportunities for rigorous, challenging learning. Students are pushed to move beyond who and where they were when they first entered the classroom, to being well prepared for university, to having full, meaningful lives and rewarding careers." -Mr. Sourial, Senior School Math Teacher

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