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An education at De La Salle College seeks to immerse students in a well-balanced and challenging university preparatory program. All subject area courses are uniquely designed to foster an active pursuit of high academic standards and rigorous intellectual development. The College recognizes today that a useful academic program must address the needs of the young in an interdependent, technologically-based world while continuing to impress Christian virtues upon the young to help them become persons of substance, integrity and faith.

At each level of instruction, Del teachers – dedicated and formed in Lasallian pedagogy – instill in their students a love of learning and a sense of social responsibility that encourages students to place their talents at the service of others well beyond their formative years in rewarding careers and contributing members of society.

De La Salle College has always enjoyed an excellent reputation for its commitment to academic excellence. When the school opened at its current site, the blessing reminded students, parents and faculty that the College serves as a sanctuary for the heart no less than a gymnasium for the mind. Its curriculum, then, as now, includes the moral and mental training of today’s youth according to the needs of our time while still cherishing the wisdom of the ancients. The College continues to ensure its commitment to academic excellence in the spirit of the educational traditions of St. John Baptist de La Salle.

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Important Academic Pages

Our Senior School Program

 Learning from teachers who specialize in their subject areas, our high school students are challenged academically, encouraged to work both collaboratively and independently,  and are inspired to become life-long learners.  Our strong academic program, service initiatives, and extensive co-curricular opportunities allow our students to develop into empathetic and hard-working women and men of Faith. 

Our Junior School Program

In addition to smaller class sizes and personalized attention, students in De La Salle’s Junior School are afforded the opportunity to develop strong work habits and forge friendships within a nurturing, disciplined, and Faith-based environment. 

Our Graduates

Throughout our over 170 years of operation, we've acquired a much-deserved reputation for academic excellence. Whether it’s in Canada or around the world, the De La Salle name is one that carries weight.

This can be exemplified by the many prestigious institutions our graduates consistently attend. No matter a student's ambitions, thanks to the work of previous generations and our current standards of excellence and hard work, they will be given the best opportunity possible to fulfill their dreams.

What's Going on in the Classroom?

Grade 6 Drama

Ms. Pelliccione's 6a and Ms. Tesoro's 6b Drama classes performed William Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream". Students created their very own "Shakespeare Puppet Theaters" and wrote their own scripts. Performances were filled with humor, mix-ups, and a little magic. Maybe it was all just a dream?

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