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Meet Our Staff

We, the Staff of De La Salle College, will focus on Academic Excellence through Innovative and Interdisciplinary Interaction, Student Participation and Responsibility based on a Lasallian Tradition, within a community grounded in Christian, Catholic Faith.

Our Administration


The De La Salle Administration Team works in collaboration with our entire school community, inspired by the vision of St. John Baptiste de La Salle, to provide a transformational, Catholic educational experience for all of our students. We promote an environment which develops the full potential of each of our students, inspiring leadership and service.

John Voutsinos
Vice-Principal, Director of Student Services
Robert Lundy
Lynda Di Prospero



Select Department:

Andrea Briones

Social Sciences

Dan Whalley

Math, Science, Physics, Chemistry 

Sam Tibi

Accounting, Economics, Business 

Vittoria Tesoro

Grade 6 Core Courses


Are you interested in joining our talented faculty and staff here at De La Salle? 

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Staff formation and Lasallian Studies

Mr. Lundy, LASSCA 2022, Buttimer 2019-present

Ms. Di Prospero, Buttimer Graduate, 2015     

Mr. Voutsinos, Buttimer 2018- present

At De La Salle our faculty and staff are committed to the understanding of our Mission, collaborating with our Catholic and Lasallian partners by participating in local, District, Regional and International learning experiences, and formation opportunities.

Our community has participated in 16 Lasallian formation programs since 1995 with 35 current teachers having taken part in Lasallian initiatives. Our teaching staff participates in the Catholic Teacher’s Guild program.