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An Easter Message from Brother Domenic

Dear Members of the De La Salle Community:

Many of you may remember that on the school crest is emblazoned in Latin, the words – Signum Fidei. This term has its roots in the Rule of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools or De La Salle Brothers as we are known in the English-speaking world. The very beginning of the Rule reminds the reader that – “The spirit of this Institute is first, a spirit of faith, which should induce those who compose it not to look upon anything but with the eyes of faith, not to do anything but in view of God, and to attribute all to God …” 

St. J.B. de La Salle who is the original author of the Rule continues the theme when the Founder bids all the Brothers to increase and preserve their sense of faith. In his rather typical fashion, he reminds us that this spirit of faith must animate all our actions and allow it to be the motivation of our conduct. Then he warns us with these words: “those who do not possess it and those who have lost it, should be looked upon as dead members and they should look upon themselves as dead.”

Our saint is certainly not a man of fluffy stuff. 

At Easter, we should thank God for the gift of faith. A faith that comes from the belief in the Risen Christ. This gift of faith enables us to be witnesses to the reality of the Resurrection in our days. As St. Paul reminds us in his letters if we do not preach a living and present Christ, our faith is in vain. In Christ’s death, death is conquered and the reality of eternity is unveiled. In Christ’s life, our life is redeemed and eternity is something in which we may share abundantly. This tells us of the uniqueness of Jesus.

It is only in him, through him and with him that God’s new world will be fulfilled. 

Faith is often misunderstood as a form of prize or security blanket. It is neither. Faith in the Jesus of the Gospels equips us with the ability to face the realities of the world. We are in this world but not of it as the uniqueness of Christ calls us to much more. Once faith is deepened can we fully trust in the promises of Christ. Christ does not leave us orphans, in other words, we are never left to our own devices. 

Yet, we must do our part.

The Epistle of St. James tells us quite clearly that a life of faith without good works is a dead faith. The Resurrection is not a fairy tale intended to make us feel better about the human experience. It is the belief in the singular most important event of the story of our Redemption which invites us to the precious truth that we are saved. In a day and age of much speculation concerning a God of unconditional love, one that is not substantiated in Sacred Scripture or doctrine, we do well to remember and proclaim as disciples of Jesus Christ that God is the perfect balance between justice and mercy, like all good fathers and mothers.

Faith in God is never a one-time event. 

Ultimately, the importance of the Resurrection is that it ushers in the Kingdom of God, a new world founded by and on Jesus Christ, and that we are all invited to believe in it and live it each day with faith and zeal. 

The Blessings of the Risen Lord to all. 

Brother Domenic, fsc