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The Rocco L. Martino Innovation Centre is Open!

It is with great excitement this week we got to open the Rocco L. Martino Innovation Centre! After months of hard work, many extremely generous donations and some classic Del spirit, the Centre is open to classes and students are loving it!

The first class in the building was our Communications Technology class which got to open up the lecture room in style.

After months of planning and preparing, the science department will open the labs to class next week. For this week what was open was the lecture hall, the research centre, the computer lab and the breakout rooms. Under the tutelage of Ms. Guthrie, the research centre is a welcome place for hard work in a quiet environment. 

The computer lab has also proven to be a nice spot for students particularly on ILT to get some work done. 

Overall, the opening went well and with the labs kicking off next week, it's safe to say the months of hard work that went into this are paid off! We look forward to sharing it with the wider Del Community in-person soon, it's a special addition to our wonderful campus. 


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