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Student Services: General Updates

Student Services: General Updates

General Updates

Exams are right around the corner! Students are invited to sit with a counsellor to review the exam schedule and pick up a general tip sheet for exam success at De La Salle from the Student Services office.

Registration Day 2023

The Course Description guide will be made available to students to review over the Christmas break. Counsellors will be hosting information sessions for grade 9 – 11 students next week following morning assembly.

  • The registration deadline for students currently in Grades 9 – 11 is January 24th, 2023.
  • The registration deadline for students currently in Grades 5 – 8 is January 25th, 2023

Get to Know Your Student Services Team!

What is your best stress-buster:

Ms. Roxas: Colouring or reading

Mr. Stratton: Exercising

Ms. Richards: Playing hockey

Ms. Elder: Walking the dog

Mr: Voutsinos: Praying

A Message from our Student Nurses

De La Salle –

Thank you so much for having us this semester. We enjoyed our time here and getting to know some of you! All the best with exams – remember, you got this!

Your student nurses,

Katie & Jess 


Your Student Services Team