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Stem Club Alumni Talks

With many of our STEM Club members starting to plan their post-secondary journeys, we felt it would be beneficial to hear from the experts. So, in May a few alumni joined our STEM Club both virtually and in-person to share how their experiences at DEL helped prepare them for post-secondary. All alumni shared that they were all well-prepared for their first year in university thanks to DEL’s rigorous academic programs and of course by the support from their teachers. A special shout-out to Mr. Sourial and Mr. Kulenkamp for the excellent math preparation! The alumni also shared their post-secondary experiences and gave some helpful tips to our students on what to consider when applying to their programs. Some noteworthy points included being sure to tour the university you want to attend to get a sense of whether the environment suits you, networking with Professors and peers through various clubs, and they were all thankful to previous DEL alumni who offered their words of support when requested. It was wonderful to see and hear from them and we continue to wish them much success. See below to find out what they are all up to!

Ally Hancock (DEL, 2017)

Undergraduate: St. Francis Xavier University, BSc Honours in Mathematics, 2021.

Current: Master’s in Economics at the Unversity of British Columbia’s Vancouver School of Economics (VSE), completion date August 2022

Mara McNeil (DEL, 2017)

Undergraduate: Dalhousie University, BSc Medical Sciences, 2021

Current: Dalhousie Medical School, Fall 2022

John Volpatti  (DEL, 2018)

Undergraduate: University of Toronto, Industrial Engineering, 2022

Current: Summer position as a Data Analyst at Bloomberg and then starting full-time as a consultant at Konrad

Sophie McNeil (DEL, 2019)

Undergraduate: Dalhousie University, BSc, Marine Biology and Environment, Sustainability & Society (ESS), 2023

Adele Lopes (DEL, 2021)

Undergraduate: McGill University, Pharmacology and minoring in Entrepreneurship at McGill (2nd year)

Elliot Evans (DEL, 2021)

Undergraduate: McMaster University, Engineering, specializing in Chemical Engineering (2nd year)

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