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Ms. Di Prospero Reflects on Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day

As we begin to enjoy the splendor of Spring and its sunshine, I look forward to the warmth and colour it shall bring. Just as the seasons bring a sense of comfort and joy in their unique way so does the Mother’s Day weekend for me personally.  Pope Francis in his 2019 address to mothers reminded the world that the eyes of Mary reflect the beauty of God. They show us a reflection of heaven and the eyes of mothers and guardians are able to bring light to every dark corner because everywhere, they can rekindle hope.

In personal ways, I am sure we have experienced the tenderness of a mother or mother figure’s embrace, her comforting hug and her busy hands that always nurture. In the same way, however, her words of encouragement and steadfast advice serve to help ground us so that we may embrace life situations with humility and strength.

Our Founder reminds us that as guardians and stewards of children, we are to impact them with the firmness of a father and with the tenderness of a mother and that life’s most precious accomplishment remains uplifting the young and honouring them with love and generosity.

I am thankful to be able to journey with many mothers and with the many prominent figures who step into the lives of children and embrace the fulfillment it brings. I extend to you all a Happy Mother’s Day as you enjoy the acknowledgment and celebration you deserve.

 Ms. Di Prospero

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