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La Salle Labs

The 2021-2022 Grade 11 Chemistry classes are pleased to present the inaugural issues of the first volume of LaSalle Labs. This magazine showcases articles from the students covering a wide variety of topics within the chemical industry. Topics from the chemical of personal care products, forensics, building materials and pharmaceuticals can be found in the two issues. You can also challenge yourself to some puzzles and crosswords for fun!

The students were tasked with seeking out topics of interest to them and doing some research to learn more about the chemical (or chemistry) behind the products. They then had to present the material in a manner suitable for a magazine targeted to high school students.

Ms. Ceschia and Ms. Mohaghegh are proud of their accomplishments this year and we hope you enjoy reading through the two issues appreciating that chemistry truly is everywhere.

Volume 1 Issue: 1

Volume 1 Issue: 2

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