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Junior School Virtue Assembly #3

Junior School Virtue Assembly #3

Developing good character means trying to be the best we can be more of the time. We possess most virtues—whether wisdom, faith, courage, generosity, patience or kindness—to a small, moderate, or high degree. When we practice a virtue with a high degree of consistency, we have established it as a fairly dependable habit, although it may still fail us in trying circumstances.

As we strive to develop our character, our challenge is to make progress—to practice the virtues more consistently, acknowledge when we don’t, and keep on trying to improve. Developing good character is the right thing to do, even though it’s hard work.

The 12 virtues of a Lasallian leader can help guide our actions and inform our decisions as we work to grow in our faith and follow the call to lead. The virtues being recognized are Prudence, Zeal and Respect.

Junior School Virtue Assembly #3 – Recipients


5 Juliette Rizk

7a Anna Keefe

801 Adelaide Cosgrove

6a Sarah Everhardt

7b Lucas Purves

802 Audrey Burns

6a Ella Mosseau

703 Landen Piotrowski

803 Torin Collins


704 Justin Sadiku

804 Katherine Lau



5 Ava Gilbart

7a Eric Massaro

801 Maeve Kilroy-Kuske

6a Eric Newman

7b Sofia Woods

802 Rosa Robbins

6b Connor Ashcroft

703 Violet Ashworth

803 Evelyn Sammut


704 Harrison Harte

804 Carmen Bissel



5 Jasper Craig

7a Jack Slavin

801 Ilaria DeRose

6a Reign Fagan

7b Daniel Di Santo

802 Giacomo Roti

6b Michael Anobile-Disapia

703 Sara Gomes

803 Milena Palmisano


704 Clara Tanguay

804 Charlie Ashcroft


Congratulations everyone!

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