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A Message from Administration- Happy International Women's Day!

Dear Del Community, 

I would like to take this opportunity on this International Women’s Day to recognize all the great-grandmothers, grandmothers, mothers, Godmothers, aunts, guardians, sisters, daughters, nieces, female cousins, peers, teachers, coaches, mentors, and of course all our female friends who in their own way have contributed to our lives in a very special and personal way. Whether they offered us a hug, a comforting word, some advice, support, accompaniment, a strong work ethic, love, and friendship, today we celebrate their presence and their contributions to our lives and to the world.

In a special way today, it is fitting that we recognize our Eternal Queen, Mother Mary who, as she cradled Jesus throughout his life, serves as our divine figure cradling us all in all that we do. Her loving message of devotion, nurturing, understanding with her mercy and love is a constant reminder of how her healing and loving hands have touched humanity.

Inspired and touched by our female Catholic saints, the likes of Mother Teresa, St. Therese, St. Clare, and St Joan of Arc, we acknowledge their efforts and the efforts religious sisters who dedicate their lives to the service of our Lord bringing with messages of fortitude generosity and resilience.

Pope Francis often reminds us of the important role women – especially grandmothers and mothers – play in transmitting their faith traditions. As innovative and revolutionary females, may we continue to be guided by the Holy Spirit to be leaders and advocates of these faithful messages of peace, justice, unity, accompaniment, and service.

In this community and throughout the world, we are uniquely Lasallian women in all that we do. In every facet of life, we the educators, athletes, coaches, health care workers, corporate professionals, visionaries, political and social ambassadors, religious leaders, advocates, and volunteers have unique gifts to offer.  Every female here on this campus whether leader or learners, play a significant role.  Teachers, staff and support members, students, and our parent volunteers, we Lasallian women, with our diverse experiences, talents, and tenderness, have been called in a particular way to be agents of transformation for this mission, what it strives to be and how it we may serve us and the world because of it.  Today I celebrate you and with you.

I am thankful that together in a small, yet profound way we are building on the legacy of the women who inspired and supported our founder.  Perrette Lespagnol, Madame Maillefer, Sister Françoise Duval, Madame des Croyères, and Sister Louise each hold a place among us as we forge our paths to impact not only our Lasallian ministry but to fortify the solidarity among females who continue to do focused work globally.

As our community keeps in their prayers all those who have been impacted by the political invasion in Ukraine let us pray for the women in the Ukraine who are trying to come together to show solidarity in the name of peace.

We offer strength to mothers who are dedicating themselves to traveling to safety with their children, and women who are banding together to volunteer in shelters to show strength and resilience as their husbands and sons and loved one are heading into combat. We pray that our blessed mother cradles these women, and the Russian women who have watched their husbands, boyfriends and sons leave them in the name of war.  We pray that Mary open her protective arms to all enduring this terrible reality.

For those who would like to offer help, our friends at Megan's Hug have an opportunity to donate to Ukraine for support:

Megan's Hug Ukraine Donation

I also take this opportunity to acknowledge our strong and committed male advocates who in our community and in our families and social circles support and encourage our efforts.  We thank them for celebrating the joy, creativity, and commitment we bring as vital and precious citizens of this world. In a significant way, our Brother Superior, Brother Robert Schieler helped to make history.

The Institute in 2013 in the Lasallian Region of North America (RELAN) began the first RELAN Lasallian Women’s Symposium. With each District represented, 33 women and five De La Salle Christian Brothers gathered at St. Joseph’s Camp on the Russian River in California. This RELAN gathering followed the first-ever International Women’s Symposium, which was held in the spring of 2012 in the Pacific-Asia Regional Conference (PARC) in Pattaya, Thailand which served to strengthen the Mission.

This commemorative event reinforced the Gospel message of the strength of the female presence.  We see that Jesus took advantage of every opportunity to present women as models of faith, generosity, and selfless commitment and as we recall his purposeful recognition, as women we must be guided by the charge to embrace the best of who we are and to accept the guardianship from those we love and respect. As we appreciate the ardent efforts of women before us who have devoted their lives to justness, I invite us all to continue this legacy of strength and presence in a personal yet exceptional way.

I am humbled to be among strong female colleagues, co-workers and friends and remain especially grateful for the wonderful females who have and continue to sustain me.

Happy International Women’s Day,

Ms. Di Prospero

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