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Glimpse Into A Classroom: Grade 8 Visual Arts – Pointillism

Glimpse Into A Classroom: Grade 8 Visual Arts – Pointillism

Famous Landmarks Pointillism Paintings - Grade 8

One of the components of our art program at Del for grade 8 students is based upon an exploration of art history, allowing students to examine how art has developed through time. They view and analyze pieces of art produced in that time period, examining how various techniques, styles, and approaches to art change throughout history. Students then create a piece of art based on what they have learned, using the specific styles and techniques that have been discussed.

Over the last month grade 8 students explored Impressionism from the 19th century and examined the work of George Seurat.

Each student was asked to bring in an image of a landmark that they would re-create as a pointillism painting. Students first completed a graphite transfer which allowed their image to be transferred onto canvas, and then used paint and the pointillism technique to complete their painting. They learned how much thought had to go into choosing and blending colours, how to show the small detail in their paintings, and just how much focus, patience and perseverance it takes to make a masterpiece. 

Our grade 8 students did an absolutely fabulous job – please take the time to enjoy their hard work and view our wonderful landmarks captured in the pointillism style!

"What is done with love is done well" - Van Gogh

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