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Founder's Day- A recap from a student's perspective

By: Tea Cvetkovik (Grade 10)

May 13th marked this year's celebration of Founder's Day. Due to the ongoing pandemic, this was the first properly celebrated Founder’s Day since 2019! Founder’s Day celebrates John Baptist De La Salle, and his accomplishment with establishing the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, and his impact as the patron saint of teachers. 

The students enjoyed a day of fun, starting with a school mass. Students then reflected on what we truly celebrate on this day, and the impact John Baptist De La Salle truly had led by Brother Domenic. He spoke on the idea of perfection, and how perfection is not defined by a bad grade, or a mistake. Rather, the calling is to be perfect like God. “It truly opened my eyes to see that success and happiness isn't measurable by good grades, instead it is to strive for holiness, and be in the image of God.” 

The Founder's Day Mass

The student vs staff soccer game followed as the lead attraction. “As a new student I didn't know what to expect, but I was positively surprised to see the school, especially the students, all come together cheering, chanting, and even using a drum to make the whole atmosphere feel fun and cheerful,” a grade 9 student told me, “I have never experienced anything like it.”

This year, a bet was placed that if the students won, everyone would receive a slip right off, while if the teachers won, they would get their own spirit day. However, as anticipated the students won, finishing with a score of 4-1. 

Cheers erupted as students rushed to the field to celebrate the win. “How I see it is one free slip, one less detention.” said a grade 10 student, while others agreed. This was the first time Del put a wager on the school's soccer game, which made the win even sweeter. 

Founder's Day Soccer Game Highlights

To end the day, the students had a beautiful outdoor lunch with pizza, drinks, and ice cream, perfect for a hot day. Smiles could be seen all over the campus with the day being described as “a much-needed break” and “the best day ever” by some of the younger students. 

Overall, the return of Founder’s Day was a success, and the celebration of St John Baptist De La Salle continues. 




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