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”Express Yourself” — Drama Students Showcase Their Talents and Tribulations

To take one final bow at the close of this school year, Grades 10, 11, and 12 Drama students were given the difficult task to express themselves through creative performance art. 

The showcase of topics and talent ranged from gender stereotypes, the evolution of women’s rights, and reflections of growing up at Del through a mix of live and pre-recorded performances. The aim was to give students an opportunity for their voices to be heard, for their true selves to emerge, and to collectively promote, embrace, and celebrate the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion. 

Students presented a catalogue of creative performances including ballet, live vocals, electric guitar, magic, book readings, vocal storytelling, and original monologues.

Students also wrote original poetry, painted on canvas, used an essay on body dysmorphia as inspiration for an original sketch, created a collaborative work of art using spray paint, demonstrated Scopa skills, displayed fashion designs, and mixed a batch of cookies using a family recipe in front of a hungry crowd which were later baked in the cafeteria oven. One student even demonstrated her skills as a makeup artist by giving one of her peers a transformative make-over. Now, that’s amore! 

If this school year has proved anything it’s that our students continue to be resilient and creative. They want to be seen and they want their voices to be heard. Being a Drama student opens up opportunities to do so. Drama provides a way of unlocking the ‘whole-person’ and helping to develop artistic, creative, imaginative, and emotional responses in the process. 

Drama provides an active approach to learning where students are able to engage with, explore, understand, and respond to the world they live in. This, in turn, provides the means not only to reconstruct the world as it is, but also to imagine and create the world as it could be.

This year’s Drama students certainly demonstrated the power of their imaginations and the potential of their influence on the world and on each other. 


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