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Encore Filming Wrapped, Premiere Next Month!!


It’s a wrap! The 2021/2022 season of Theatre De La Salle has come to a close. This year’s virtual celebration - ENCORE! - will premiere next month and we invite you to join in the festivities.  Over 65 cast and crew members dedicated seven months of time and talent to prepare for the recording of this year’s production over two weekends in late April and early May. 

Theatre really is a collaborative effort that requires the creativity, time, effort, passion, and patience of so many individuals. To all the parents of our cast and crew members, thank you for your support and encouragement. Special thanks to the De La Salle Parents Association, the De Francesca Family, and Gardiner Roberts LLP for sponsoring this year’s show.  

We also tip our hats to Mateo Chavez Lewis - our Musical Director, MJ Shaw - our choreographer, Mark Radomskiy - our videographer, Mr. Michael Bailey and his son AJ for their work on the stage, to Mr. Luchka - our Producer and Mr. Cherny for his support, and to the countless number of people behind the scenes who help us make theatre magic happen. 

To those new to Theatre De La Salle - we hope the "theatre bug" has taken a bite out of your curiosity this year, at least enough to make you appreciate the world of musical theatre a little more and to discover something about yourself you may never have known was there. Welcome to the Theatre De La Salle family!

To those who have taken this journey with us before - thank you for joining us again and for sharing your talent and enthusiasm with a new generation of Theatre De La Sallians. Your stars are shining brightly and lighting the path for those who have chosen to consider themselves one of us.

To our Grade 12 graduating cast and crew members - thank you for you many years of creative contributions, for your leadership, and for serving as role models to your younger cast mates. With you, our Theatre has been enriched. We wish you many more standing ovations and endless applause as you take your next exciting steps beyond the walls of our school and on new stages of your lives. Because we knew you, we've all been changed for good.

“Let the memory live again…”

A very special guest joined the cast over the two weekends of recording and shared words of congratulations and encouragement with a new generation of young actors. Ben Cekuta directed 47 productions on the De La Salle stage between 1977 and 1988 before taking one final bow in 1993 as the school prepared for privatization.

It was an emotional return for Ben who had not been back to the College in nearly 30 years.

“It’s been an honour and a privilege to be invited to sit and watch this year’s cast of “ENCORE” celebrate the legacy of theatre at De La Salle,” said Ben. “During my tenure at TDLS, I saw so many students with their diverse talents audition for our shows, and weeks later watched them take to the stage as actors, dancers, and crew members. From the first cue “go house lights” to the final curtain, I no longer saw their hesitations and uncertainties but a sense of control and confidence. That’s what theatre does. Everyone works as One to earn a well-deserved applause and, many times, a standing ovation.”      

Several reunions of former cast members also took place over the two recording sessions, including stars of “Finian’s Rainbow” (1979), “West Side Story” (1980), “Jesus Christ Superstar” (1983), “The Wizard of Oz” (2014), and “The Pirates of Penzance” (2017). 

“It was wonderful to see TDLS alumni from recent productions, many having graduated in the last 10 years, respond to Michael’s invitation to share their reminiscences of their time with the theatre,” said Ben. “I could see, as they walked into the theatre, their memory clocks ticking loudly as they greeted, embraced, and chatted with one another as the cameras rolled.”

Be sure to catch all these reunions as part of Theatre De La Salle’s 70th Anniversary celebration — ENCORE! 

The production will be made available as a pay-per-view broadcast in early June. 

Tickets will go on sale soon!


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