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Catholic Corner- Friday, March 11

Catholic Corner – Newsletter – March 11

Every morning as a school, we gather (virtually) for our National Anthem, a morning reflection (written by one of our staff), prayer, and announcements. For this week’s Catholic Corner, we would like to share two of our staff’s morning reflections with you.

Written By, Ms. Guthrie – Research Coordinator

Today, I want to speak to you about an important “guide to the deep” in my life: St. Thérèse of Liseux. Thérèse was my confirmation saint when I was received into the Church eight years ago and has been, for me, a great source of confidence in God’s merciful love. Thérèse entered a Carmelite convent at the age of 15 and died of tuberculosis a mere nine years later. None of her writings were published in her lifetime. And yet Thérèse carries the rare title of Doctor of the Church, and Pope Pius X called her the “greatest saint of modern times.” So what did Thérèse actually do? Simply put, she became the greatest saint of modern times through her extraordinary capacity to simply receive love.

All of us have a seemingly unquenchable desire for love within us—one that can frighten us in its power and its size. A desire that we often attempt to repress or ignore or deny. A desire that we may be taught to be embarrassed by or ashamed of. Many of us have been told—directly or indirectly—that if we are “needy,” if we want too much, then no one will love us. Out of our fear of being abandoned in our need, we learn to protect ourselves by pretending that we don’t actually have any needs.

In her early childhood, Thérèse was often overwhelmed by her sensitivity and by her need for love from her parents and from her siblings. She would often perceive even very small things as a sign of rejection and would break down crying inconsolably. There were times when her family simply didn’t know what to do with her; but God did. Thérèse did not reject her sensitivity, she did not disconnect from her deep desire for love—rather, she was given the grace to see that her neediness, her deep experience of want, was itself God’s gift.

Thérèse embraced this reality in a particularly profound way when she was 22 years old and she gave herself to God as an offering to His merciful love. Because she was so aware of how much God wishes to pour out his love on all of us, Thérèse recognized how much it pains God when someone is unable to receive His love. So she begged God to give to her all of the love that others had rejected, offering up to Him her own vast hunger for love. She wrote: “I beg you to consume me incessantly. Allow the waves of infinite tenderness shut up within you to overflow into my soul. In this way, make me become a Martyr of your Love, O my God!”

Today, I would encourage you—like Thérèse—to let yourself feel your need for love and to do so without fear and without shame. To ground yourself in the truth that God made you for His love and that His constant desire is to draw you more and more deeply into His Heart. And then, when you feel that need, simply let God love you—today and forever.


Read By, Ms. Marchese - Teacher

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.

                                                                                                            Ecclesiastes 3:1

Time is a tricky thing. There is always too much of it when you’re waiting and never enough when you need it. It moves too slowly when you’re young and too fast when you’re old.

Of course, we are the ones who struggle with time. God is timeless. He doesn’t get impatient the way we do, and he doesn’t worry about having enough time for what he wants to accomplish.

A second doesn’t seem like much. There are 86,400 of them every day. But it only takes one second to have your life completely transformed. Just a one-second encounter with God is all you need to be eternally altered, forever changed.

Time doesn’t play favourites. One second can bring joy as easily as it can bring pain. In one second hearts can stop, and hearts can start beating. In one second a person can say, “I’m sorry,” or remain silent. In one second, we can turn our hearts to God or to ourselves. In just one second, we can change the course of our history and maybe someone else’s.

In one second an angel’s light surrounded a teenage girl.

In one second Jesus’ tiny heart began beating within the Blessed Mother.

In one second Joseph’s fears became secondary.

In one second a guiding star appeared in the sky.

In one second water turned into wine.

In one second Peter walked on water.

In one second Lazarus breathed again.

In one second Jesus gasped his final breath.

In one second his heartbeat again.


God can change your life in one second if you let him. There are over 54,000 chances left for him today. Like those who have gone before you, you probably don’t know where God is leading you, but that’s OK. Let him lead.

And if you feel that letting him lead hasn’t worked for you in the past, open yourself up again and give God that second chance. It’s about time.

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