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Cadets held a Garrison Training Exercise

Cadets held a Garrison Training Exercise

Last weekend, The Cadets held a Garrison Training Exercise (GTX) at the College. The main focus of the weekend was on developing leadership skills for the Cadet Leader Qualification Course (CLDC).

Photos: Cadet Photos

In training, our Cadet Leaders learned the basics of making an estimate, drafting up a plan, and professionally presenting that plan to subordinates. A military simulation (MilSim) scenario provided the framework of the problem set that was worked on. Cadets were taught in the theory of reconnaissance patrolling; these lessons were practiced with the conduct of night operations on the College property to reinforce skills previously learned.

Our senior cadets took turns overseeing the organization and successful conduct of various tasks and activities that were given to the junior Cadets to run. This included everything from setting up sleeping quarters, conducting inspections, teaching basic drill to our new Cadets, preparing for meals, and the planning and execution of larger more demanding tasks.  

It was a great weekend! 


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