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Award Winning Poem

Award Winning Poem

In the Fall of 2022, in concert with CISSA, INCITE (Conference Independent Teachers of English) held its annual Writing Contest. Competitors could submit short stories & essays (up to 1500 words), poems (up to 120 lines), dramatic scenes (up to 1200 words), photo essays (up to ten images, with 400–500-word explanatory paragraph). The prompt directed competitors to “consider what you have learned over the past year or what you look forward to in the near future.” 

De La Salle College is pleased to announce that one of our Grade 12 students earned a podium finish. Indeed, the judges were extremely impressed with Abbey’s poem, entitled “Still Life,” and its “mature imagery and the triptych structure.” So, we congratulate Abbey’s efforts for her 3rd place finish in the senior category.  Her poem is printed below, and will be formally published in this year’s ICITE publication.  


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