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Ash Wednesday at Del

This morning we at De La Salle were very grateful to have Father Alexander celebrate our Ash Wednesday mass with us. Please click below for a recording of today’s mass:

For our mass, click here!

A message from Brother Domenic

The liturgical season of Lent comes upon us somewhat quickly as some of us have only recently, it seems, put away Christmas decorations and eaten the last chocolates we received as gifts. I ask myself how do we go about communicating to young people, let alone ourselves, the importance of this period of penance and reflection in order to prepare to receive the message of Easter. 

Adult Catholics should as of Ash Wednesday begin to think each day about how we follow our Lord into the desert. It does us good to think honestly about how we live out the commandments and the beatitudes. For us, I think a little conscious effort each day during Lent to read Holy Scripture in order to understand better how these beautiful paths given to us can help us in our daily living. Many today are dismissive of the Ten Commandments believing that they no longer apply simply because they are formulated in the negative. Others see the Beatitudes as poetic expressions of a passive Jesus but little more. Both in truth provide us with some hard-hitting realities that ultimately lead us into the desert with our Lord and then, if we have the courage, to the foot of the Cross. In this experience, we join as it were, Jesus in the need of a more serious life of prayer and penance. These then build up in us the ability and desire to live for others. 

For our young, I think we can simplify the process by letting them know of the needs and the joys of putting aside our egos in favour of being good and faithful brothers and sisters to one another. Although helpful reminders, perhaps, the wearing of buttons, t-shirts and constructing slogans, the issues of treating others with respect, kindness and honestly must come from the goodness in our hearts.

They can not remain superficial actions. We all need more goodness in our hearts to avoid gossip, envy, and a lack of empathy towards our neighbours. There are no better ways to accomplish than by acts of penance that remind us of our common humanity and which then propel us to acts of charity.

For those who have fallen away from the practices of going to Mass and the Sacrament of Reconciliation, this may be a good time to rediscover the love and compassion of Divine Providence as they are made real to us in these actions of grace, remembering that the significance of this word which is essentially gratitude. Gratitude comes to us through our Lord’s wiliness to take upon himself our iniquities and sinfulness. In him all of us we are offered newness and the chance to begin again.   

Those who fear the Cross, which unites us to Christ, can never know the joy of His Risen life among us. It is only Jesus Christ who can turn our tears into laughter and lament into joy. Let us this Lenten season recall that his presence is real and everlasting. 

Brother Domenic

A message from Ms. Bell

“The ashes mean I’m a sinner. The cross means I have a Saviour.”

Today begins the 40-day long journey we take as Catholics, known as, Lent. This morning, we celebrated our Ash Wednesday Mass with Fr. Alexander.

In his homily, Fr. Alexander reminds us, “In Lent, we fast, meaning we give up the things that make our lives about us. We make space for something greater. We die to self and live for others.”

A huge thank you to Fr. Alexander for celebrating the Mass, to Br. Domenic for setting up the Chapel and ashes, Lieutenant-Colonel Nonato for serving, and for Ms. DiNardo for leading us in song with her beautiful voice and arrangement with the keyboard.

Thank you to Ms. Pollock, Ms. Carreco, Ms. Guthrie, Mr. Iacobazzi, and Mr. Salem for assisting in distributing the ashes as well.

Thank you to Jory Finewax, Mr. Baldwin, and Mr. Teixeira for helping to set up the cameras and streaming in the Chapel. We couldn’t have done it without you. We are grateful to each of you.

May God abundantly bless and protect you and your families. Have a very blessed Ash Wednesday and Lenten season.

Ms. Bell




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