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Art Club Welcomes Kenna Barnes!

Guest artist: Kenna Barnes.

The Artists in Conversation Speaker Series Club has welcomed an artist every week to share with us their story, inspiration, and tips and tricks!

We ended the series with a wonderful, local artist who is the talent behind the illustrations on The Great Canadian Bake Show. Ms. Kenna Barnes shared with us her story from learning art as a colour blind student, to studying Design, then working in an animation student, to becoming a freelance food illustrator. Ms. Barnes also shared the ins and outs of business for artists and told us of resources that she came across her journey. It was an absolute joy and an honour to have an artist walk us through her path, and to willingly welcome and answer all the questions the students had. We look forward to welcoming Ms. Kenna Barnes for next year's series!

Checkout her work here:

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