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A Message From Administration- The Importance of Remembering

A Message From Administration- The Importance of Remembering

Ms. Di Prospero

Gathering as a community last week during our Remembrance Day ceremony in our safe and familiar auditorium to remember our fallen veterans and to commemorate the service of soldiers, reminded me of how profound the message of remembering can be every day. Ms. Briones, during her week of reflections challenged us to think about those who impacted us most and to share those stories because it is in the story telling that we honour those people and authenticate those experiences.

We remember as not forget and the best way we honour someone, or something is certainly by doing the important work of bringing to life in a very tangible way, their memory, or an event. I believe, the work of keeping relevant a significant event or keeping present a cherished person, is what helps to shape the understanding of our existence in a more human way. When we take the time to recall political, historical, or religious events and to remember the prominent figures who have served to help define humanity, we are offering a gift to one another. The intentionality of remembering offers us the gifts of experience, wisdom, and fortitude from those who laboured tirelessly before us. This, for me, helps to firmly root me in tradition and to appreciate my heritage, the freedoms I enjoy, the lessons I have learned and to recognize the continued responsibilities I have for others.

I am thankful that we come together daily to remember that we are always in the presence of God, I am thankful that throughout the year we have opportunities to recall the wonderful works of our current colleagues and students. I am thankful that we have a legacy to recall in our Lasallian history and an alumni community who visits with us and who nostalgically remembers the pleasant familiarity of their school. These visits and conversations that extend from all DEL’s branches bring me joy because they allow me to remember fondly the events and the people that have impacted me.

I have come to appreciate that for me, the act of remembering has helped to nurture the journey of doing. I hope it does the same for you.

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