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A Message From Administration- Mr. Voutsinos on the importance of doing your best

A Message From Administration- Mr. Voutsinos on the importance of doing your best

Last week, a sad student passed by the office because she wanted to call her dad to come and pick her up. She said she was physically healthy, however, she had just received her science exam mark and it was much lower than she had hoped for and she just wanted to go home. She was sobbing as she explained the situation. 

There was a video circulating the internet a little while back explaining the difference between a cow and a buffalo during a storm. Please bear with me if you’ve seen it recently. Apparently, when a storm is coming, cows will sense the storm and try to avoid it by running away. The storm inevitably always catches up with the cows and by running away, the cows end up running with the storm prolonging the amount of time they endure the storm and the stress and danger that comes with it. Buffalo on the other hand will see the storm coming and run toward it. By running at the storm, and then right through it, they minimize the amount of time spent in the storm. In turn, the buffalo also reap the rewards of sunshine, water and fresh grass much quicker than the cow. 

While I wouldn’t quite describe the student experience at De La Salle as a storm, I do see parallels between the buffalo and our students. By attending De La Salle, our students have chosen to run towards “the storm”. De La Salle students have made a conscious decision to work harder, be subjected to more rules, write 50+ exams, and learn more. Just like the buffalo, they are facing life’s challenges head-on. Not only will this prepare them for their not-so-distant futures, but they will also reap life’s rewards much quicker.  

Now that the dust has settled and exams and mid-year report cards are behind us, the one question our students should ask themselves is: Did I give my best?  

When I asked the student in my office if she gave her best, she emphatically said yes! She explained how science isn’t her strongest subject and she had a soccer game the night before, and she had two exams that day, and she had to watch her younger siblings most of the week and they were especially annoying when she was studying for exams. Based on what she told me, it sounded like she did in fact give her best. I did my best to explain that at the end of the day if we truly believe that we gave our best, there isn’t anything else we could have done, and sometimes when we give our best, we fall short of our own expectations. I know I surely gave it my best to play for Team Canada in the world cup.

As our students look towards the second half of the year, I encourage them to reflect back on the first half and ask themselves if they’ve given their best. While no one is expecting perfection, I’m confident that there are efficiencies we can all find to improve upon. Whether it’s attending a few extra office hours, asking more questions in class, or spending less time on our phones, we should always strive to give and be our best. At the end of the day, if our best isn’t good enough, well, there simply isn’t anything else we could have done! 

On an unrelated note, I would be remiss if I did not mention the feedback we received yesterday throughout the day on Winter Activity Day. While there are always minor hiccups in organizing such a massive event, I am very pleased to share that we received a lot of positive feedback from the various venues we attended. People went out of their way to comment on how respectful and well-behaved our students were. Some didn’t believe we were a school group, and others joked about hiring our students to teach their “regulars” how one should behave. 

As a gesture of our appreciation, Mr. Lundy, Ms. Di Prospero and I would like to offer our students a spirit day on Thursday, February 16th, 2023. Please feel free to pass along this information as this would be the first time they are hearing about it.

Best wishes to all, and we look forward to the successful second half of the year!

Live Jesus in our hearts…forever!

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