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A Message From Administration- Easter. Our Good News Message

As we process the negativity of global news stories incessantly coming our way, we all understand that we are living in a time where bad news and headlines of war, injustice, poverty, and abandonment continue to give rise to each passing day. Notwithstanding the challenges we face both personally and collectively, perhaps Easter, with its joy and its resurrective message, can offer us some encouragement and hope.

We know that all things are possible because Jesus has risen.

He will continue to inspire the message of good news and renewal with each Easter celebration, and this is comforting. As intentional as we shall be in the next few days as we prepare for His ascension, we are asked to recognize with the same intentionality that we can all find true revival in the Easter message.   

If we have fallen, we must know that we can get up. If we have failed, we must know that we will find success. In weakness, we shall find strength and in sadness, we can find joy because our faith can walk us along a path of restoration.

Good news that reaches us when the Lord raises His hand for us allows us to view things with bright eyes and new perspectives. And in gratitude for this goodness and any good news that finds us, we can find a measure of calm and perseverance to live out our purpose.

Easter is a reminder of how love always prevails and how resilience humbles us. I pray that this Easter season is one that brings good news to family and friends that equally delights the mind and nourishes the soul.

Wishing you all a restful and Happy Easter,

Ms. Di Prospero

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