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A Message From Administration- Celebrate What’s Right with the World

Celebrate What’s Right with the World

By: Mr. Lundy

Many years ago, I took a course which, quite frankly, I do not remember the name of. What I do remember is being presented with a video from Dewitt Jones entitled, “Celebrate What’s Right with the World”. The video had a lasting impact on me; I recall the room layout and the exact seat I sat in as I watched it for the first time. The message was unique and provided a source of hope and optimism in a world fraught with challenges. It was a call to have the courage to adjust our lens and see with a different perspective. As we grapple with the seemingly countless struggles and tragic events in our world today, I find myself drawn to that message from many years ago. 

I recently came across a similar and more recent talk from Mr. Jones which I invite you to view:

Celebrate What's Right with the World

The hate-motived mass shooting in Buffalo is a stark reminder of the work we need to continue in addressing the injustices of the world.  The senseless killing of children and staff in Texas hits particularly hard as schools are meant to be safe havens for students to thrive and grow together. I know you share a sense of grief with these tragic events and others in the same vein.

When I ask you to look for the innumerable wonderful things in our world, I am not suggesting in any way we ignore the horrors we see before us. I simply suggest we also double down on our choice to appreciate the many wonderful things we often overlook or take for granted.

On a regular basis, I remind myself to be grateful for the students we have at Del. Like all of us, they make mistakes, they say and do inconsiderate things.  At their core, they are students of great character who do their best to live the messages of the Gospel on a daily basis.  Please take the time to embrace your sons and daughters, forgive their mistakes, and remind them that the world is a wonderful place worth fighting for and worth making better.  Despite the troubles and injustices of the world which we must continue to face and overcome, I would ask that we strive to look for the splendour and beauty of God’s creation.

“I saw the angel in the stone and carved until I set it free”


On behalf of the entire staff, I wish you a restful weekend as we wind our way towards the end of a challenging yet rewarding 2021-2022 school year.