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Lasallian Youth Team

Students have the opportunity to engage with our pillars of Faith, Service, and Community in a more direct way. This year, the Lasallian Youth Team will serve our community in two main ways. Students will have the opportunity to choose between 1) community service or 2) leading the junior retreats. Team members for Community Service can be any student in Grade 9-12 and they willl be facilitating and organizing day trips, fundraising initiatives, school events etc. Leaders for the retreats will only be open to grade 11 and 12 students as they will be helping with the grade 5-9 retreats.  Students on the Team will head all initiatives with help from the volunteer students who sign up for the individual Lasallian Youth Service Initiaitives.

Teachers: Ms. Bell/Ms. Pollock/Ms. Di Prospero

Runs all year

  • Senior School