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The Perennial Mr. Lundy


          There are two new years- one in January and one in September, the ninth month, which delivers for students another fresh beginning, new adventures in academia and beyond, and for De La Salle, a new principal; Mr. Robert Lundy. Obviously he is new to the office but not to the school. We are delighted and gratified to have had him for his 20 years of experience here at DEL. He is very familiar with every nook and cranny of our entire operation- the arena, the football field, hallway and cafeteria supervision, the classroom, administration, the alumni and crucially, the tours and paperwork necessary for the infusion of new students into the school at all levels.

            He knows everyone, all of our varied staff, from the cafeteria to the athletic field to accounting, and everyone knows him- well enough to claim with certainty there exists mutual respect as well as mutual affability.

            Mr. Lundy began here in the classroom 22 years ago, and, as noted above, worked his way through every facet of the school, including 5 years as Vice-Principal.

            With proven leadership ability, diverse experience and a known streak of humility he is nicely positioned to realize his ambition, as he stated, “to guide DEL carefully along as it continues to thrive and excel.”

            Mr. Lundy however is not just a sweet agreeable co-worker. Regarding the crucial issue in the alleged turmoil on the campuses across North America right now, he remains solid, grounded and insulated by his years at DEL.

            In school he is noted for being generous with his time, giving students extra help in tutorials, coaching numerous sports teams and enthusiastically assisting in any activity that needs him. He values the role of our cherished alumni which he sees as the “crucial instrument to link together our past, present and future. It will ensure that the mission of the school continues for years to come.”

            At the helm, in rough seas or smooth waters he has a good grasp of our chosen destiny having seen it unfold for so long. He is well aware of the difference between the worthwhile and the worthless, for apart from incidentals, there is “nothing new under the sun,” nor can there be unless there is another creation.

            In summary, he is a reliable guardian of our values.

            So, come September we will weigh anchor, set sail again into the deep blue sea, comfortably, with a seasoned veteran at the helm. Bon voyage, Mr. Lundy!


                        Stay Tuned