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The Astonishing 50th Reunion of Del’s Class of 1970

By Mr. John Hunt

Please refresh our hopes for unsteady human nature. It is not always as reliable as we might wish. Most gratifying, most reassuring, was the recent proof of the resilience of Del alumni. The class of 1970 gathered recently not to lament the passing of time nor to mourn the fleeting flow of the decades into one another, but rather to preserve some meaning from the conjunction of their lives 50 years ago, which was not yesterday. We might readily think that after the eb and flow of life’s vicissitudes, of the meanderings of time and tide “in the affairs of men”, that choices, chance, fate, inclinations, whims and so many convolutions of existence might easily cause lives that were conjoined in high school to drift widely apart in the fury of life’s chaotic upheavals.

Not so in this instance. In 52 years memories fade, wander away yet 30 members of this Del class of 1970 defied gravity in our immeasurable cosmic drift, feeling the magnetism of an intangible attraction from their high school memories. Intangibles are not easy to nail down. Were there emanations due to the Brother’s influence?  A favourite teacher or two? The cozy, smallish familiarity of the campus? A feeling of solidarity in chaotic times? One feature of the class was in escapable – they cared for each other and showed spontaneous concern. Their cohesion was palpable. They prayed for and cared for each other, for Joe Goldsmith for instance, until he was out of an ICU unit waiting for surgery on June 7th, 2022. They came from all over the province and peopled every profession. In a telling remark perhaps from a better time, they actually noted their communal effort “to make this a better world”. Does this generous philosophical view seem sadly outdated now? Are we in a different age?

Another soul said he was never quite sure what to expect from this reunion but “found this one inspiring”. Their many shared memories inspired them to plan a dinner with their partners to enhance the experience. Remember, dear reader, in 1970 only males attended Del. A wash in uncertainties of the world as we know it, how reassuring it is to share the positive emotions of a Del class from decades ago who by a wonderful, magical alchemy have preserved such strong feelings for their school and for each other – they were most impressed and happy to see the school succeeding with a whole new generation of alumni. Surely the two are intertwined. The initiative for the reunion was theirs alone, like the phoenix regenerating from itself to renew life again. They came, they saw, they revelled in it. It is a victory to enjoy such a triumph over the times and tides of so many decades.

Any group should be exulted for surviving and coalescing, a Del gathering no less than others. Yet our grads seem more driven to continue the initiative, to savour the blossoming of the impetus, to follow the bee as it fulfills its destiny of pollinating the bloom, a bountiful and necessary labour, one that enhances creation hoping that all are alert to the necessity of avoiding barren ground. Is this too philosophical? We think not- deeper thought is theirs to be probed by the thoughtful. We, like the unique class of 1970 should do so,  exploring all revelations. That class is made of the “right stuff”.

May their example inspire us and their rich fruitfulness endure.