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Thanksgiving 2020 Message from Brother Domenic

Dear Alums:

Thanksgiving in Canada has occurred on various dates throughout our history as a Nation. It seems to me that it is most fitting on the current date of the second Monday in the month of October as we reap the benefits of the summer growing season and prepare for the winter months. I used to joke with my American friends that they celebrate the arrival of the Puritans to the New World while we here in the loyal colonies celebrate their departure from Britain. They seldom laugh.

In a society that has, for the most part, lost much sense of the cycle of nature and agriculture, we need to be reminded that without a bountiful harvest, we in urban centres face higher prices at the supermarket. Farmers that don’t see a plentiful harvest face economic hardships in an already difficult life. So when the harvest is good, we must, as in days of old, rejoice. When the harvest is less plentiful, we must use and preserve carefully what we do have.

In these trying days of the pandemic of our generation, we too must plan carefully to keep many important facets of our life together. If we have work and our families are well, we must give thanks to Divine Providence for these great gifts. If the Good Lord, denies us these good gifts, we must ask for the courage and strength to do our best with what we have been given. We must always do so with grateful hearts. The mark of real courage is to be able to face tougher times with a sense of purpose, building towards the future. Even in the face of these rather dark days, there is much to be thankful for as we fare better in Canada than in most places in so many ways.

Canadians, have in the main, been quite united in responding to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. Although we may not be happy with all the measures and limitations, we must be grateful to so many, especially in our health care system, who care for the sick and vulnerable on a daily basis. Unity is crucial in times of trial. If we face things together, it makes the tasks less burdensome.

This Thanksgiving, when we may not be able to celebrate with all our loved ones in the same manner as in previous years, let us remember to give thanks for the gift of family and friends. Their absence should prompt us to love them more faithfully and keenly when we do see them next in better times.

I would be remiss if I did not take this opportunity to thank the alumni community for their generosity and support for the human and Christian educational mission of the College. I also ask you to consider making a gift to the school to assist us in making sure this mission continues and that we can remain viable and loyal to keeping our doors open to all children, in particular, the poorer ones in our own backyard.

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for the future.” – Melody Beattie

May Our Lady of the Rosary, bless and keep us all in her special protection.


Yours respectfully,

Brother Domenic, fsc

  • Fall 2020
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