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By Mr. John Hunt

“What fools these mortals be”, Shakespeare famously quipped in the Tempest. We might apply the gest to our poor attempt to summarize summertime. Not an easy task psychologically since we know all about it, don’t we? First, the stronger sun enhances shadows as the days grow so quietly longer. Our minds begin to play their usual annual game with us. We know the game having played it before during many previous summers. While cutting the lawn for the first time we foolishly visualize the additional mowings to follow, with no end in sight, we think. We neglect to see the “end in sight”- suddenly autumn arrives, soon to be followed by the “winter of our discontent”. Surprised? We should not be. Not so fast a subtle whisper warns. The summer must be savoured: The barbecue, the golf course, the swim across the cooling waters of the lake, the magic of tongues of flame sparkling in the bonfire near the shore, something roasted, a welcome drink, children’s laughter, shooting stars, a welcome sleep.  

While all these enchanted filaments glow before us like dew drops on a rose, do we take any thought to save them, to make them linger and last, to preserve the filaments so that the shortening days capture something of the proverbial endless summer? Nothing will happen without action. Look around and search. See everything. The vegetables in the newly raised beds are springing into life. Optimism abounds - grasp it.

Birds sing and blossoms flower generously in another magical beguiling season. We are willingly spellbound as we know each summer is a gift from heaven to those who know they must use it wisely. Days will shorten, evenings will cool and longer shadows will proclaim the transformation to the treasured glazes of autumn. The very transience of summer must validate its value as a jewel we must learn to treasure by banishing all thoughts of dull routines.

The Del community has the intellectual and aesthetic talent, the fruit of training to count our blessings. The magic play of sun and shadow is not possible without sunshine. Del grads are uniquely trained to romp in both the sun and the shade. They have been trained to be realists, with knowledge of transience aware of both the here and the hereafter, as stated in the Ecclesiastes regarding the wise and the foolish. They had the long view knowing that the lord “giveth and taketh away”. Stoically armed like David confronting Goliath, ready for any predicament, their armour is adequate for any season, even one as powerfully seductive as summer.

The Alumni Affairs and Development Office hopes that summertime will permit you to get some rest, while reconnecting with family and friends.