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Recollections of my De La Salle Years

By: Stanislav J. Kirschbaum

I attended Del from 1957 to 1959 in Grades 12 and 13. I had come from a Christian Brothers school in Montreal, Cardinal Newman High School. I was used to their excellent teaching and I liked the classes taught by Brothers Michael, Mel, Wilfrid, Gabriel, and Ambrose. I did have some run-ins with Brother Mel whose French was occasionally faulty; I did not hesitate to correct him….

Whereas I did not make any school sports teams (I did try out for the hockey team), I enjoyed playing hockey on the outdoor rink we had at that time. PT in the gym was fun. Still, my most memorable experiences were cultural: I joined the De LaSalle Band, where I learned to play the tenor and snare drums and participated in many marching band competitions with the band. I also had a role as a jury member in the 1958 production of Gilbert & Sullivan’s Trial by Jury.

My two home classes were very multicultural. To my surprise, other than myself, there were three other Canadians of Slovak background, Emil Kudrac, John Balazovic, and Peter Karabinos (I am not sure of their first names anymore). My best friends were of Polish background, George Alexandrowicz, and of Hungarian background, Thomas Barcsay. The three of us became academics.

The most amusing incident I recall is the time in class when Brother Michael went to the window, looked outside, and a classmate exclaimed: “Go ahead: jump!” I think that Brother Michael also thought it was funny.

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