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Old and New Gyms


     What have we seen in the old gym filled with youthful, precious memories? Decades of delight, joy, exhilaration in a new school, a high school. Generations of growing teamwork, practice and more practice, of learning and drills. Often frustration and pounding hearts. And then, more often than not, sweet victory.

            These are some of the strong youthful emotions that burst from growing ambitions in DEL’s gym over the rolling years.

            The gym was small but the feelings were big, as were the ambitions of young athletes to be competitive combatants, learning how to win, how to turn dreams into reality by means of drill, drill, and more drill. Obviously, some obstacles get in the way to be overcome, defeated- a crucial learning experience, transportable, perhaps invaluable, able to be applied to many aspects of private and public life in good time.

            The gym, like a dear old reliable supportive friend, was a versatile facility for sure, accommodating drum corps drills, basketball champions, badminton hopefuls, volleyball competitors, soccer practice, fitness drills and social functions (dinners, dances, graduations, celebrations). Indeed, the gym had a rich and comforting past.

But time passes. Bigger and more opulent facilities began to sprout across the evolving city as our old gym appeared more and more dated. However, thankfully, ambitious plans are in motion to improve the situation- a beautiful new building is on the way. With flow and grace, it will be integrated in the south end of the school, making a smooth, seamless transition from the old to the new. The addition will boast a sparkling new gym of college size, with mobile dividers to allow multi-purpose functions, including fitness and yoga. The current gym  will be re-purposed to give us valuable needed space for dressing rooms and various other activities.

            To view the attractive architectural drawings, visit the foyer of the Heritage House. Please come by and enjoy a preview. Brother Domenic, our President and patient negotiator of official channels, hopes and even believed that the project should pass through all the stages of bureaucracy without very many unwelcome complications. If so, with the building finished in 2020, let the games begin. Let us welcome a new age of competition. And with a new facility to boost skills, perseverance and desire, let us also welcome a new age of winners.