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Mail for Heroes

It is without question that the frontline workers deserve praise and gratitude for their efforts and sacrifice. See how Isabella, Sofia, and Mara have teamed up to show their support and appreciation for healthcare workers.

What are your names, and what year did you graduate from De La Salle?

Isabella DeVuono: Grade 5 - 12, Graduated in 2019

Sofia Tibollo: Grade 5 - 12, Graduated in 2019

Mara Primucci: Grade 5 - 8, Graduated Loretto Abbey in 2019


What is your current field of study/area of work?

We are actively pursuing a goal towards:

Isabella DeVuono: Honours Bachelor of Medical Science

Sofia Tibollo: Honours Bachelor of Science, Biology

Mara Primucci: Honours Bachelor of Medical Science


How did the idea for your initiative arise?

We were inspired by the desire to contribute to our community and provide the highest degree of impact and exposure. We decided that sending letters to the healthcare workers would be a unique way to show everyone's gratitude for their work without contact. At times, I am sure that the workers are struggling with their fears over the virus and that this token of appreciation would be enough to brighten their days and show them the value of their work. It was also ideal that we did not need to do any fundraising, which would have had us competing with other pre-existing initiatives.


What has the response been like?

We have received a significant number of letters from our community. This demonstrates the tremendous amount of gratitude and appreciation we all have for all of the hard work and dedication our health care providers do in their everyday lives. Various hospitals throughout the GTA have been extremely appreciative of this initiative, and we're eager to share our letters with their staff. We are continuously working with institutions to get these words of gratitude in the hands of as many workers as possible.


How are your family and friends coping with the current situation?

The safety of others, as well as ourselves, is critical to us. We are coping with the current situation by taking safety precautions and following all safety practices, such as social distancing. Given the current circumstances, we are coping as well as we can and trying to maintain a positive attitude. Despite not being able to see all of our family and friends, we are grateful to have extra time with our immediate families, which we sometimes take for granted when we are busy with our school lives, and they're busy with their work lives.


How did your experience at DEL help inspire your initiative?

DEL's motto is "Enter to Learn. Leave to Serve." Our experience at DEL, and our experiences thus far since graduating, truly encompass this saying. Throughout our time at the College, we participated in various volunteer opportunities, such as the Good Shepherd, St. Francis Table, Share Life Day and other activities throughout the school year. These opportunities instilled in us the importance of working together with the community to help others. This experience was the main inspiration behind our initiative.


What are some of the things you miss most about DEL?

The things we miss the most about DEL are the strong sense of community and support, the wonderful friendships we made, the knowledgeable and caring teachers we were surrounded by and the fantastic experiences we had daily.


How can our alumni help support your initiative?

De La Salle alumni can help support our initiative by sharing our message with others and encouraging them to participate. They can also contribute by sending their own letter to Information surrounding our effort can be found on our Instagram page: @mailforheroes and our Facebook page: "Mail for Heroes".