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Donor Profile – Andrew Janikowski (DEL 66)

Dr. Andrew Janikowski graduated from Del in 1966. He has fond memories of the school and credits Del for instilling discipline, compassion, thoroughness, and self-confidence in him. He believes his experience at Del provided him with foundational values which prepared him for his future educational and professional endeavours.  

Dr. Janikowski donated to support the addition of the Innovation Centre to our campus. It will provide our staff with opportunities to advance their programming in ways that previously would not have been possible. He graciously shares his story of what Del has meant to him while he was here and after he left.  

Del was my school – starting in Grade 6 and finishing in Grade 13. It was truly an amazing experience that taught me a focus that guided me through my subsequent professional careers. It taught me the basics which one needs to succeed but also taught me how to be creative and to think outside the proverbial box. It gave me the strength to walk an independent path through life without being limited by the fear of failure.

My time at Del was a mixture of rigorous learning and probably too much getting into trouble. Whenever the latter occurred, there always seemed to be a Brother to help guide me on the straight and narrow. 

High school was where we took three languages as well as all the sciences. Not many options – just mainline learning to set us up for success. Add to that an active extracurricular schedule which included editing the Oakleaves, representing Del at the Toronto Model UN Assembly, among other things, and there was not much spare time to allow me to get into serious trouble.

After Del, I enrolled at U of T, where I studied Chemical Engineering. While that was interesting, I was slowly drawn to medicine and enrolled in the medical school at Queen’s. The fact that these universities accepted me on my first try, I feel, is in large part due to the skill set that I had developed at Del.

My professional career has been a very checkered one – I feel that I was a true general practitioner in the field of medicine. After finishing my studies in New Zealand, I went into general practice in a small town – not well known at that time – called Picton in Prince Edward County. Over the years that I ran an office-based practice, I was a part-time anesthetist, emergency room doctor, and coroner. I was part of the primary care renewal effort under CIDA, which was set up to re-establish primary care in Bosnia-Herzegovina after the Balkan Wars. I worked for the international cruise line industry for companies such as Holland American and National Geographic, as well as supplying locum services to the Inuit communities in Nunavut. Truly, my practice has taken me all over the world, including the high Arctic and Antarctica.

So how does Del fit into this equation? Del gave me the skill set to master these tasks and the confidence to go out and sell myself as the right person to do these jobs. It allowed me to have an amazing life which I would not trade with anyone. This is why I am donating to Del. This is a small token to try to repay Del for what it gave me over the years. I urge you to consider contributing as well so the College can continue to offer this kind of quality education and inspiration for future generations of grads.


Andrew Janikowski, MD, CCFP(EM), BASc

As more institutions adopt a seminar/research model of learning, the Idea and Innovation Room will allow students to participate in a learning style that challenges them to pursue ideas and topics that go beyond the prescribed curriculum. The Idea Room has been made possible by the generosity of Dr. Andrew Janikowski. To learn more about the Idea Room and other exciting parts of the project, please visit our website or call the Development Office at 416-969-8771 ext. 257.


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  • Spring 2021