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Co-Educational Experience

Our Philosophy

De La Salle College is committed to the fostering of a strong sense of community and family. A co-educational setting and a deliberate choice to limit the overall number of students have made the DEL experience a truly family-oriented school environment. Instilling a sense of family in our young people is a great need in today’s world.

Moreover, it is of utmost importance that in today’s society young men learn to respect and reverence others and not be sheltered from a world they will have to face. It is our belief that this can best be done in a co-educational environment where young ladies and gentlemen learn and experience the Core Principles of a Lasallian Education:

  • A quality education
  • Respect for all persons
  • Faith in the presence of God
  • Concern for the poor and marginalised
  • The importance of a community that fosters Christian values and virtue

Together, young women and men work, learn and socialise together, and collectively strive to make real in their lives the message of the Gospel.


In 1994, when the Brothers in Toronto made the brave and bold move to “re-privatise” the College by withdrawing from the publicly-funded Catholic school system, a decision was made to address the needs of female students whose families no longer had the option of having an independent Catholic school alternative. Since Lasallian schools have come to understand more fully the importance of respect for all persons and the inclusivity of community, the change from having been an all-boys’ school for generations simply seemed to be a natural and just pastoral response to a growing need.

So many parents who were able to provide their son with a Lasallian education of excellence wanted to give the same opportunity to their daughter. In 1996, Naiose Hefferon made history as the first girl to graduate from Del. 

Some key things the school has come to learn as advantages of co-education:

  • It gives our students an opportunity to grow and learn in an environment more consistent with society
  • It has allowed families to send all their children to the same institution, giving the school and its culture an even greater sense of family
  • It fosters a greater and more diverse community of mutual respect 

Research on the Benefits of a Co-Educational Experience



  • "A 2010 review of several studies on single-sex education in English-speaking countries, found little consensus on whether the option is actually advantageous to girls' and boys' academic achievement."
  • "As Aristotle said, humans are social animals. Today that means living in a coed world. Single-sex schools artificially shelter kids from this reality"


  • "Yet many experts say much of the success of single-sex schools stems from a demanding curriculum and a focus on extracurricular activities — gains that would have been seen regardless of whether the opposite sex was in attendance.

  • "Coeducation advocates and researchers also report that segregating students by gender — be it via entire schools or simply classrooms — can lead to greater gender discrimination and make it harder for students to deal with the other sex later in life."



"We wanted our children to go to a school where they felt safe, where academic excellence is fostered and celebrated, and where the kids would come home with interesting and funny stories about their day. Del has exceeded our expectations!"

-Helen and Edward O'Sullivan, current parents