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Administrative Reflections

President's Reflections

Catholic schools exist to promote the Gospel, communicate Christ and help to form Christ in the lives of students. As such, Catholic schools help Catholic families and other people of faith to the discovery of life’s meaning and elicit new hopes today and in the future. 

In the Lasallian tradition, Catholic schools help students adopt a critical stance towards contemporary society. These schools are characterized by the determination to make the means of salvation available to young people through a quality education and by an explicit proclamation of Jesus Christ. “The Rule” 2 #13

We live in a cultural climate in which moral norms are often thought to be matters of personal preference. Catholic schools have a crucial role to play in leading the younger generation to realize that freedom consists above all in being able to respond to the demands of the truth. “Veritatis splendor” #84 

At certain times during the academic and liturgical year, De La Salle offers messages, prayers, and reflections to give the community opportunities to learn about aspects of the life of the school and engage others in our evangelical mission. The proclamation of the Gospel has never been easy or always well-received by the world. 

All of us, but especially young Catholics, need to be informed, developed and encouraged to become courageous defenders and promoters of our faith in order to know Christ and to bring Christ to others. The Lasallian educational vision is not complete without the recognition that the school is an integral means of salvation. 

Br. Domenic Viggiani

De La Salle President – 2010 to Present 
De La Salle Principal – 1994 to 2010  
Delegate to General Chapter of FSC’s Rome 2000  
Delegate to General Chapter of FSC’s Rome 2007   
President of the FSC Delegation of Toronto 2002 – 2007

Brother's Recent Reflections

Brother Domenic Reflects on Family Day Weekend
Brother Domenic reflects on Black History Month by talking about some of his favourite Saints

Brother Domenic reflects on Black History Month by talking about some of his favourite Saints and their stories. 

Brother Domenic on Pope Benedict XVI's contribution to clarifying the Church's teaching
Pope Benedict XVI: A Tribute from Brother Domenic
Brother Domenic's Christmas Reflection

Brother Domenic gives his Christmas reflection



Our Administrative Team offers personal reflections relating to academic, social/emotional, and spiritual aspects of our school with its focus on school life experiences. The reflections serve to offer perspectives on how our community cultivates the DEL educational experience which is nurtured by our Catholic faith and animated in the spirit of our Lasallian tradition.

John Voutsinos
Vice-Principal, Director of Student Services
Robert Lundy
Lynda Di Prospero