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Welcome to De La Salle College

This school has enjoyed a remarkable academic reputation that has prepared young men and women for their futures. Discovering your gifts and talents is an exciting experience that is encouraged at our school.

At the same time, ours is a faith-based school where young people of different cultures and backgrounds are able to become their best selves in the eyes of a God who loves us and is always with us. We believe that competence, compassion and commitment are the foundation of all we do but are also the goal for every student as we help young people to become persons of faith, intellect and integrity. 

The entire community of the College invites you to join us in embracing the fulness of life here with eyes of faith to the blessings of eternity.

School News

Glimpse Into A Classroom: Grade 8 Visual Arts – Pointillism

Over the last month grade 8 students explored Impressionism from the 19th century and examined the work of George Seurat. Each student was asked to bring in an image of a landmark that they would re-create as a pointillism painting. Click here to see them:

Sr Drama Guest Speakers

Ms. Smith’s Grade 11 and 12 drama classes were grateful to be virtually visited by two guest speakers