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Josiah Reyes

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(Gabrielle Ariana, Josiah, Marlen, Sydney)

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Math and Phys Ed

De La Salle Cadets Corps, Karate

What I love most about being at De La Salle is that it feels like a family. Everyone is connected in some sort of way and at my other school I didn’t feel that. Because it feels like such a family here at Del, I’m looking forward to moving to the Senior School next year with my friends as we all mark it as a kind of checkpoint in our lives at Del.

  • 8:00 am This is usually when I arrive to school. If I’m early, I talk to my friends around the lockers, and if I’m later I just head to my classroom as soon as I am packed.
  • 8:10 am On my cadet days (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) I go to inspection and on Tuesdays, I raise the flags. Once that is over, I head to homeroom. Mr. Iantosca usually gets us settled for the day and then we read until about 8:25; that’s when we go to assembly for daily reflection with the whole school.
  • 8:45 am Most of the time we get our books out for first period: Math. We work on algebra, geometry, fractions, number relations and angles. My personal favourite unit in math is when we learn about Pi, which is about the area and diameter of a circle.
  • 9:35 am In period two we have Mr. Scharfe, who teaches us Religion. He makes a joke every…maybe two minutes! We learn about the bishops and priests, and we perform the rosary every Thursday.
  • 10:25 am This is period three where we have English with Mr. Luchka. He’s teaching us about the Holocaust and the survivors, and sometimes we even watch documentaries or short clips on the books we’re currently reading. We also read poems and books by Edgar Allen Poe and Charles Dickens.
  • 11:15 am Everybody’s favourite subject…lunch! I bring my own food even though there’s a cafeteria because I have an allergy to peanuts and nuts. Just in case I don’t bring one, I always have lunch money, and the cafeteria is relatively safe for me.
  • 11:55 am On Day 1’s we have French, taught by Mr. Rouselle, where we’re currently learning about irregular verbs. We’re also studying for exams right now. On Day 2’s we have Social Studies, soon to be replaced with Geography after exams. These two subjects are also being taught by Mr. Scharfe.
  • 12:35 pm We have career studies with Ms. Pellegrino on Day 1’s, and if we complete and pass this subject, we get half a credit towards high-school. We get the other half credit if we pass civics next year in Grade 8. On Day 2’s we have art with Ms. Domingues. We are starting to learn how to draw the components of a face, as well as using different drawing techniques to enhance the quality of everything we draw.
  • 1:15 pm Day 1: we have music with Mr. Thompson, I play percussion. We perform songs such as Dansbury Run, Scorpion!, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman and Anasazi. Day 2: We have Phys Ed. on the court, on the field or sometimes in a classroom for our health units. Mr. Devonish goes through units with us such as volleyball, basketball, hockey and soccer. In health, which we don’t have all the time, we learn how to meditate and find our happy spots, both of which help us in tough situations.
  • 1:58 pm On Day 1’s we have science with Mr. Rouselle. We just finished learning about ecosystems and the environment like food webs, food chains, the water matter and carbon cycles. On Day 2’s we have a longer Phys Ed. period, which takes us to the end of the day.
  • 2:45 pm After school I either have Cadets or basketball. Major Nonanto, Captain Rouselle and Lieutenant Ghabbour run the Cadets program. During Cadets we lower the flags, perfect our drills, uniform and general team building skills. While we are marching, on the field, on camping trips or even playing airsoft, we are always taught that we are a family, brothers and sisters. In basketball, which is one of my favourite sports, we practice layups, ball handling and our shots with Coach De Sanctis.
  • 4:30 pm After Cadets or Basketball I head home to finish any homework I may have. If I'm done my homework, I'll watch some TV or go outside and play basketball until it's time for Karate.
  • 6:00 pm I’m a yellow belt, but we only have belt testing once a year. Right now I’m practicing my reverse-rainbow kick, spinning side kick, obviously normal punches, and on my own, jumping-spinning side kicks…but I really can’t get that one down!
  • 7:30 pm When I get home from Karate I eat dinner right away. Once dinner is finished, I get all my things ready for the next day and then head to bed around 9:30.

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