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Alexandra Idzior

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(Alexandra, Andrew, Diane, Justine)

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Music, Phys Ed and Math

Soccer, Choir, Badminton, Ping Pong Club

Starting Grade 5 at Del was a big step for me. It turned out to be the best decision my parents and I could have made. I'm surrounded by amazing new friends and dedicated, caring teachers. My days are full of fun and learning. I'm so happy to be part of the Del Family!

  • 7:00 am My day starts! I like things very organized, so I pack my books and whatever else I need the night before. My big decision is whether to wear my kilt or pants, depending on the weather. Today is sunny and pretty warm, so I choose my kilt. In the winter on really cold days, a few times I’ve even worn my skiing base layers under my uniform!
  • 8:05 am I like to get to school a bit early so that I’m always on time for assembly. Plus, starting the day at Del and seeing my friends is my favourite part of the day!
  • 8:30 am I like that the entire school gets together every morning during assembly to start the school day at Del. It makes the school feel united. After prayers, I listen very carefully to announcements to make sure I know when there are practices or meetings for the extra-curricular activities I participate in. I keep a tiny notebook and pen in the inside pocket of my jacket to make notes. I really like school, but I am very excited about the after-school activities that I have selected this school year: soccer, Spanish, ping pong, cooking and badminton. Next year, I’d like to get involved with Student Council, too. In November during our Athletic Assembly, I was listening to the presentation and was completely surprised to hear them call out my name as the MVP winner for the U12 Girls Soccer Team! I’m just a little grade 5, but I got to walk up on stage in front of the entire school to receive a trophy…wow! (It’s the nicest trophy I have ever won, too.)
  • 10:20 am We’re studying The Underground to Canada in English with Mr. Connors. I am shocked how people were treated as slaves not that long ago.
  • 11:15 am The Junior School has lunch on our own in the cafeteria. On Thursdays I get the special healthy lunch that Del arranges…it’s super yummy and packed with vegetables and chicken, plus a delicious square for dessert. One other day (usually Tuesdays), I get my lunch from the caf. The other days I bring my lunch from home (but my mom sometimes lets me buy a cookie.)
  • 11:45 am I have a test next week for scales on my flute, so my music teacher, Mr. Thompson, is holding a tutorial at lunch today. We ate our lunch together (it’s fun to talk to him outside of class), then I practiced my scales. I am working on making the notes a smooth transition and not having “spider fingers.” I played piano for four years, but the flute is new to me and very different. I really want to get an A on my test, so it’s awesome that Mr. Thompson is willing to give extra help.
  • 12:50 pm I wasn’t a very good skater before I came to Del. But because Del has an indoor skating rink, we have two arena units in Phys Ed. I love skating now and can even skate backwards! I can’t wait until we start playing shinny hockey.
  • 2:45 pm School ends, but I stay at Del until 4:00 pm on most days. On Tuesdays, we have choir. A few times a week I have a practice or meeting for my extra-curricular activities. The other days I either do a tutorial or go to the library to finish my homework. My teachers are really great to offer after-school tutorials. Ms. Suddaby, my science and social studies teacher, is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Today, I want to get my homework done because I have soccer practice for my Rep team at 7:00 pm.
  • 3:50 pm I’ve finished almost all of my homework. There is a boys’ hockey game being played in the arena. A few of my friends and I are going to check out the score. Go Del! For a treat, I’ll buy some popcorn to share with the girls.
  • 4:00 pm My mom picks me up from school and I head home to complete the last of my religion homework (it’s pretty cool to learn about guardian angels.) I also review conjugation for my French quiz tomorrow with Mr. Lue Tam.
  • 7:00 pm Soccer practice! I play Rep soccer for the North Toronto Nitros. Soccer is my passion. I have a giant life-sized poster of Lionel Messi on my bedroom wall. I like to play forward, either striker or winger. Lately, my coach has been playing me left wing, so I am working on shooting with my left foot. We start practice with a rondo, which is always fun (it’s like “monkey-in-the-middle.”)
  • 8:30 pm Time to pack my books for tomorrow and then read some Harry Potter. Good night!

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